Monthly Archives: May 2015

All about the Balance

My first thought for writing tonight was that confession is good for the soul.  I have found both a Windows online game, and an Android game for my tablet that takes up entirely too much of my time and attention.  Oh, I can justify the whole thing.  The Android game came first, but sometimes you have to wait so long for things to build and grow, so naturally  you need  a second game to fill in with while you’re waiting for the other one to “finish baking”.  And of course the first one fills in nicely while the second one is going.  But then I can actually go one step further — if you play the first game long enough to get the resources needed to upgrade a couple of items, than you can put that one down and not bother with it again except to maybe collect a few more resources from your growing efforts.  THEN you can play the second game, and IF you set all your growing resources to 15 minute intervals — well then…you’d be simply amazed at all the work you can get done in 15 minute intervals!  Seriously!  I have done more in the last week than I’m sure I do in a month.  I’ve mended, re-potted plants;  I even washed the dogs!  My dishes are clean, my floors are ALL clean.  What an amazing invention!  Do employers know about this?  Talk about the bang in productivity!

Okay.  I’m rationalizing.

As I sit here, with my hiney glued to the couch in our favorite sitting spot, I’m watching the day get dimmer as a storm comes in.  Lottie is throwing ‘barks over the bow’ to warn all trespassers to stay away.  Yes, I am now safe from the lady on the next block over that is getting into her car.  Lottie can see her between the houses.  I wonder at my fascination of these games.  I ponder the peace I feel at my current circumstances.

I look back at the entries that I made from the past two years and I see myself in such a completely different place.  It has occurred to me that these games I play are about balance.  Balancing your income to your out-going.  Balancing economy against strength.  The need for food and the importance of the right trade goods.  Life is like that.  We all need balance.  We have to balance good with bad; work with home; long distance travel vs. regional travel.  How long is too long, how long is enough?  How much is enough?  When is it too much?  I believe that if I didn’t have such a crick in my neck that my head would spin.  I’ve decided that for all my plethora of possible anxiety, that I am at peace.  Abraham waited for 25 years for GOD to fulfill his promise of a son.  I believe that whatever “it” pac-manis that I’m waiting for – I can wait a little longer too.  I have (hopefully) one more week at home before I have to get back in a car and on the road with my sweet husband.    Regional sales require regional travel.  Staying home has been nice, but it’ll be time to pay the piper soon.  I dislike being away from home as much as I enjoy traveling.  Hopefully, somehow, I’ll be able to find a balance.