What a very odd day

Yesterday was a very odd day.  The Holy Spirit was with us both and we were sealed in the peace of Christ all day..  and we are truly grateful for Abba’s faithfullness.  Faithful and True. 

We live in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains, where God’s glory and majesty is never hard to find.  This morning we are sitting outside the RV in a state park.  It is Fall.  The leaves on the trees are every shape and size and color imaginable.  They fall like snow and the acorns drop and it sounds like sleet and looks like parti-colored snow.  It is truly beautiful.  The peace smells sweet like the fresh morning after a cold night.  We had coffee and warmed over pizza for breakfast.  My husband was released from his job yesterday, and life is good.  The company will say they fired him.  That’s convenient, now they don’t have to pay severence.  They say it was based on his performance.  Really?  He has his report sheets showing the top in sales for the last several months.  They say he had an attitude problem, and yet they let his sole remaining teammate, the consummate Yes Man go at the same time.  Funny dat.   His company was bought out almost 2 years ago.  we’ve been waiting for the axe to fall as we slowly watch the others leave or be released.  So few original folks left, and now there’s two less.  We give thanks and praise to the Lord that this is over.  Thank you Abba.  Thank you. 



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