QOTD – We are what we choose to be

We are all the sum total of our decisions, and I want you to contemplate the decisions you make.  And as you think, there are three things that I want you to consider…..

—–Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding /lwf.org

Listening to Pastor Rogers sermon series on Ruth and our Kinsman Redeemer, I couldn’t help but just have one of those “Ohhhhhhh” moments.  This single statement makes so much sense; and it makes me wonder how my life can currently be so wonderfully and truly blessed, based on what I know to be so many bad decisions of the past.  Thank you Jehovah for our Kinsman Redeemer; Thank you Jesus for being that man, who was willing to buy me back from sin.

Whew!  It’s funny how GOD works, I received this message the other day; believing (and still believing) that it was for me.  When suddenly I found myself talking to both of my young-20-something boys after several weeks of silence.  Both telling me about their decision to “tighten up” and get back on track.  And I pray that they continue to do so.  But one of my sons was walking because of an active decision that he had made not to drive his car (which is a good decision for now).  As he was talking to me about it, taking full responsibility for the mess that he was in; I excitedly remembered this saying.  Telling him turned the whole conversation around to a much more positive tone, wherein he started really sounding firm and convicted on some of the right choices that he knows he’s got to make and stick with.  We talked about rough times being fulfilling because eventually they end; blessings for the small things when there are ten big things trying to smother them out.  GOD gives us manna every day.  Just like the Israelites.   It’s up to us to choose if we will gather it and partake of it, or not.  One of my favorite quotes from the Bible is “GOD:  What did you do with the stuff that I gave you?”  Hopefully, at the end of my days, I will have done well.  But for now, I am going to remind myself, each and every day — that we ARE the sum total of the decisions that we make; today, and every day.  Amen



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