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Too Good Not To Remember

This was simply too good not to share — and to remember. ¬†Sure was a great video for an otherwise crappy day! ūüôā

Karaoke at the pump


QOTD – We are what we choose to be

We are all the sum total of our decisions, and I want you to contemplate the decisions you make. ¬†And as you think, there are three things that I want you to consider…..

—–Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding /

Listening to Pastor Rogers sermon series on Ruth and our Kinsman Redeemer, I couldn’t help but just have one of those “Ohhhhhhh” moments. ¬†This single statement makes so much sense; and it makes me wonder how my life can currently be so wonderfully and truly blessed, based on what I know to be so many bad decisions of the past. ¬†Thank you Jehovah for our Kinsman Redeemer; Thank you Jesus for being that man, who was willing to buy me back from sin.

Whew! ¬†It’s funny how GOD works, I received this message the other day; believing (and still believing) that it was for me. ¬†When suddenly I found myself talking to both of my young-20-something boys after several weeks of silence. ¬†Both telling me about their decision to “tighten up” and get back on track. ¬†And I pray that they continue to do so. ¬†But one of my sons was walking because of an active decision that he had made not to drive his car (which is a good decision for now). ¬†As he was talking to me about it, taking full responsibility for the mess that he was in; I excitedly remembered this saying. ¬†Telling him turned the whole conversation around to a much more positive tone, wherein he started really sounding firm and convicted on some of the right choices that he knows he’s got to make and stick with. ¬†We talked about rough times being fulfilling because eventually they end; blessings for the small things when there are ten big things trying to smother them out. ¬†GOD gives us manna every day. ¬†Just like the Israelites. ¬† It’s up to us to choose if we will gather it and partake of it, or not. ¬†One of my favorite quotes from the Bible is “GOD: ¬†What did you do with the stuff that I gave you?” ¬†Hopefully, at the end of my days, I will have done well. ¬†But for now, I am going to remind myself, each and every day — that we ARE the sum total of the decisions that we make; today, and every day. ¬†Amen