The Year That Nothing Happened

I finally “got it” last night. And now, I’m compelled to write about it because, quite frankly, I’m not sure how to respond. I’m glad that this epiphany has come to me. It’s actually quite a relief; with a generous dose of anxiety mixed in.  But, let me explain so others will know what I’m talking about.

I decided to join the Reverb13, and have really enjoyed the introspection and anticipation of the coming year, but some of the daily prompts have really stumped me. You see, besides quietly and happily turning 50 this year, nothing much else has happened, to me and my husband at least. I was inspired, but by the ability of others to stand up and continue on in the face of adversity. Bad adversity. Heartbreak, loneliness, illness, multiple deaths of loved ones; house repairs, job implosions. At times, I think I’ve mentioned before, I actually felt guilty because of how peaceful my life was compared to others around me. And then during the last few weeks, I’ve heard over and over “We’re praying that 2014 is the year that nothing happens”. Last night I heard it again and it finally hit me. This dear lady had lost both her mother and grandmother within just 3 or 4 months of each other. Now her Dad is moving to Florida because of his sorrow, and so essentially she’s losing his presence in her daily life as well. Wow! That’s rough.  I mean seriously – this woman has shown so much strength and peace; I know it’s got to be a front; but at the same time, I also know that she is strong in the Lord, and her faith, and a good husband, is what’s carrying her through.

So, as I look back, I’ve seen 2013 as a peaceful and pleasant year, personally.  A year where “nothing much happened”.  I think I’ll just continue to be grateful for that.  It’s funny though, we’ve put wheels in motion right now that could potentially make 2014 one of the busiest, perhaps stressful years in quite a few.  And the crazy thing is, that if one thing happens, it’s going to be crazy, exciting; but if it doesn’t happen than the basket will tip in the other direction and all the crazy, exciting, stressful will tip out anyway.  Either way, 2014 looks to be shaping up to be a wonderful but intense year.  I hate to look back, but I hope that this time next year, I can remember 2013 and  the wonderful year when nothing much happened.


One response to “The Year That Nothing Happened

  1. I hope that 2014 is the year nothing much happens, I just have to say!

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