Shine On You Crazy Diamond

ProjectReverb Day 2 Challenge:  Shine – What was your best moment in 2013?
Oh.My.Gosh!  I totally gots dis! 

But wait….I had two — probably more.  Can I only pick one?  I can’t pick one.  I have to pick two.  We’ll go chronologically since order of importance would just be too hard to decide.  My first BEST moment of  2013 was found as I looked around at my surroundings during an early evening on a Saturday in April.  The sky had been filled with grey, low hanging clouds all day.  My beautiful grandchildren were all playing in soccer games (except the baby who was giving me as much of her full attention as a two year old can have), it rained throughout the morning; my daughter and my sons were wandering around, standing close by; occasionally one of them would reach out and hug me or rub my back; my husband was close by – he’d hold my hand, play with the baby.  That was a good day.  But then, my day just got better.  It was my 50th birthday that day and my daughter and her family gave me the best and loveliest birthday celebration that a woman could ever ask for.  The kids made mini cupcakes and everyone decorated one each for Mimi and Poppa.  Dinner was cooked over an open fire, the wood all stacked and ready to set the  bonfire.  The sky cleared off and the wind died down.  It was warm; the sound of the river running just a few feet away.  The kids were all running around playing hide and seek.  We were having such a wonderful time; and it was then that I looked around and realized that “this” was the perfect moment.  Life would never, ever be any more perfect than it was at that moment.  And that was the first of my two best moments of 2013.

The other was something quite different.  It was the moment that I looked down at my new “love-child”, aka Lottie The Rotttie, and realized that we had most definitely been the receivers of a gift and blessing from God.  We didn’t save Lottie, she was a gift.  My only regret, is that we didn’t go get her sooner.   My husband wanted a “guard dog”.  Its painfully apparent that Ella, the Great Black Hole of Love, will never be champion protector of the family.  We laugh, because as a lab/hound mix, she’d probably just let an intruder into the house and show him where the biscuits are kept.   The cat, although quite the Diva Princess Kitty, is still a sleeper among ninjas.  We’re not so sure she’d care to wake up if someone busted into the house; unless of course they shut the door behind them, and then she’d just want them to open it so she could go outside.  So after much discussion on breeds, size, hair type, etc., we finally settle on a Rottweiler.    Off to the animal rescue sites we go; and would you ever believe (?!) there, in our sister city, at my personal favorite animal pound, there was featured a full-blooded Rottweiler.  Beautiful animal, sweet face.  I remember going to see her; we had two candidates.  I was rooting for the smaller one.  We turn the corner of the cages and this Gi-normous dog peeks out at us from her dividing wall; and I quickly throw up a prayer, “Please God, don’t let it be that dog, that dog is monstrously big.”  But itdaGirls was indeed “that dog”, and she was indeed the one that we took home that day.  To make a story of it, I’ll just have to say that there is not a day that goes by that Lottie does not make me laugh.  She has brought so much joy into our home and has blended into our “mixed” family from the beginning.  So now, in addition to the Black Hole Of Love, and the Sleeper Ninja, we have an action-ready guard dog, who will greet you at the door by nuzzling your hand, and promptly flopping down on the ground to give you her belly to pet.  Not quite the intimidator my husband thought we were getting.  But to be fair, she is an awesome guard dog, and although her gentle, laid back nature can sometimes be mistaken for laziness, I have no doubt that I’m safe and well guarded.  Lottie is short for Lot of Girl – and she is all that!


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