No Matter Where You Go, There You Are…

This is cool — My friend at has turned me on to the Reverb2013 blogroll/challenge.  Well, why not?!

The first prompt is “Where did you start in 2013, give us some background”.  Well, that may or may not be all that notable at this point.  I seem light years away, and yet it was only yesterday.  I guess that’s one of the charms of getting older; except I can’t remember all those things that happened 30 years ago like it was yesterday.  What I can remember  is what I had for lunch today.

I started the year with my “youngest” twin son having what will probably be his final blowout with his father, and even though I did not, and do not have, anything to do with it, it still pulled me in and for quite a while I was so very worried about my son.  That’s an awful feeling; not knowing where your child lays his head at night.  Not knowing how to reach him; and neither do his friends, or his brother for that matter.  I must admit, he was fine.  And he did resurface fairly quickly (Why is it that there is always a woman involved?), which only brought his life into more trauma-drama; which only served to give me many more sleepless nights.  But through it all, it was really just a storm outside the window of my own warm little world.  I had my own concerns, my own husband and family to care for, my own job –which was still relatively new — I was finally starting to get ahead of the learning curve; but still, there were challenges.  Actually, it seems like this year, 2013, has been spent with my being concerned for, praying for, and watching over, others as they have had one miserable week/month after another. In the meantime, at times I felt like I should be ashamed or at least apologize to someone for just how happy and peaceful my own life has been.  We got a new dog, who has completely stolen my heart.  We’ve cleared up a lot of difficult and lingering problems from past lives.  I’ve gotten ahead of  my job, which is now deafeningly quiet and without challenge.  All the kids are fine, including the troubled one. The grandchildren are growing and beautiful.  It really has just been a year to remember – the year that nothing terrible or heart-rending happened.  And, to top off my blissful year, we may or may not have a life-changing surprise in the wings.  I’ll know in a few days – certainly before the end of the year.  Either way, 2014 looks promising.  Next year is shaping up to be busy, full of adventure, and absolutely something to look forward to.  As my husband and I lay in bed on Thanksgiving night, our pillow talk turned to God and all of his many blessings – as they often do.  We just laid there and counted every single blessing that we could think of from this whole entire year.  Wow!  Talk about a humbling experience.  So faithful; so gracious.  And yet, I still think that there’s one more blessing that I have forgotten to count — the hope and anticipation of the coming year.  Thank you Abba.  When I think about my past, and all the places in life that I’ve been – to think about how exciting this coming year is going to be, and how blessed this past one has been — That’


One response to “No Matter Where You Go, There You Are…

  1. I’m so glad you’ve joined and Imma gonna read you lots! And I’m lucky to be one of the ones you watched over , prayed for and were concerned about. With your help things are getting better

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