Shout-Out of Praise!

Thank you GOD — Thank you Abba — Daddy!  Thank you! 

HE’s just so faithful, isn’t HE?  I have to post a praise today.

Yesterday was my granddaughter’s birthday.  She’s 9 now.  And in case you’re wondering: Yes.  Nine does feel different from 8. [smile]  So I was talking to my husband on the phone last night; I told him I was getting ready to call her and wish her happy birthday.  He said, “Wait until you get home, then we can call her together”.  Awesome! I’ll wait.  So we get set up and I make the call – and my beautiful Moonbeam [that’s her love-name] answers the phone and I sing Happy Birthday and proceed to chatter up a storm, happily ‘sharing’ with my newly 9-year old granddaughter, when I notice she is distracted and giving me one word answers.  Then she suddenly says, “I have go, we’ve got people coming in.”  Okay.  That’s fine.  It’s her day.  I was just glad I got to call and talk to her.

This morning, my daughter calls and is telling me all about the big birthday social they had last night. So, unknown to me – Mom and Dad had sent out invitations to family and friends for the Birthday Social Gathering – everybody could meet them at DQ during a certain time.  SO, when I called last night [15 minutes later than I would have if I’d not listened to my husband (thank you husband)] They had just got settled into the DQ with their ice cream and were waiting for the first of their friends and family to arrive — and guess who was first?!  That’s right!!!  US — Mimi and Poppa!  We were the the first to “show up” at my granddaughter’s birthday party last night and wish her Happy Birthday!  So even though I missed celebrating her big day with her, I was still the first one to show up by Phoning It In!  How very cool is that?!  Thank you GOD.  Thank you Jesus!  You are so very rockin awesome – loving, kind, and faithful.  WOW Isn’t GOD faithful?!  It never grows any less amazing, blessing after blessing — how faithful GOD is.

My prayer and hope for you is that you can experience GOD in this way today, or maybe this week.  Just look around, at the little things – and see what HE’s doing for you each and every day.  You’ll find HIM right there – walking by your side, ever faithful.

Thank you Abba.

Photo: Brianne's ninth birthday party!!


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