What a Beautiful Morning

My dear husband is beside me, our feet are propped up.
Its warm outside this morning.
The dogs are lying quietly on the floor in front of us,
bellies full with special treats.  Its time for their snooze.
There’s a cardinal outside, chirping, and another bird whose song I don’t know.
He’s certainly enjoying the morning tho.
I watch the pink sunrise slowly burn off what looks like rain clouds.
The hedgerow gently sways in the wind.
The trickle of the fountain, the gentle scent of the candles,
the soft glow of the pink stones in the table lamp.
Life is good.

Daniel 2: 20-22
He said, “Praise God’s name forever and ever! Power and wisdom belong to him.
He changes the times and seasons. He gives power to kings, and he takes their power away. He gives wisdom to people, so they become wise. He lets people learn things and become wise.
He knows hidden secrets that are hard to understand. Light lives with him, so he knows what is in the dark and secret places….”


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