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The gift of Compassion

“Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity
for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin.
It is the knowledge that there can never really be
any peace and joy for me
until there is peace and joy for you too.”

                                             –Frederick Buechner

Have you ever walked up to someone you knew and that “little voice” said, “she looks like she needs a hug”, and you hug her,  then you spend the next several hours trying to keep from crying because her sorrow has just invaded you.  I’ve had that happen more than once over the last couple of years.  I believe Mr. Buechner has the right of this.  Knowing the pain of someone’s suffering can bring home so much more to you then “sympathizing” or being a comforter.  Feeling someone’s abject failure and sadness can be so overwhelming – I have a new respect for those people; I wonder how they get through the day feeling that way.  I am glad that GOD has given me this gift.  I rejoice in the tears and the sorrow that I feel because I believe that I have been allowed to share something, and maybe, hopefully – take just a little to relieve their burden.

Thank you GOD, for all that you have given me, for all that you have taken from me, and for all that you have left me with.  Praise Be the Name of The Lord!


Bewitching Tea Latte


Oh.How.Yummy!  Thanks to Yahoo Shine! for this wonderful beverage recipe — I can totally see a warm steamy cup of this while sitting in front of the ole’ firepit.  Come on Fall!


4 cups of hot water
6 spiced chai tea bags
¼ cup honey
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 cups original soy milk (or regular milk)
½ cup vanilla vodka (optional)
½ cup Kahlua (optional)


In a large pitcher, steep the tea bags, the honey, and the cinnamon in the hot water for 10 minutes. On the cooktop, heat the milk and vanilla to a simmer. Be careful not to boil the milk. (This is a trick that leads to a treat!)

After the tea has finished steeping, remove the tea bags and add it to the milk on the stove. Let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes until all the flavors have combined.

If you’re feeling mischievous, this is the time to add the two liquors. Mix well, and serve while hot to your friends!

Serves 6 – 10

Wise Words

“I believe in GOD like I believe in the sun; because with it, I can see all else.”

                                                             —C.S. Lewis


Also, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about the cost of discipleship, and this is probably where the pastor got this line from:

The price it cost for us to be HIS children should not come cheap to us.

..Truer words were never spoken, I believe.

I believe C.S. Lewis also said something to the affect that he couldn’t see air, but he needed it to breathe, just as a person can’t see GOD, but you need him breathe as well.  I really should look up the exact quote on that.  The funny thing is, I’m sure where I saw it was at a souvenir shop in Orange Beach, Alabama — it was just some awesome piece of summer-shanty art that you’d use for a condo or a porch.  But still, very very memorable.

Pampering Soap Saver

Pampering-Massage-CloseupOh My!  I wish I’d had this pattern last Christmas!  I found some wonderful handmade soaps and bought them for the “girls” in my family, but without the time or a quick pattern on hand, I just made them little bags out of table napkins; which I admit came out fine, but this would have been better!  And even better, I actually use soap.  This makes me happy!

Iced Pie Square Crochet Pattern


This is so awesome!  I’m absolutely sure that at some point in my long list of things I’d like to make, that something with this pattern is going to come up!

Handling Our Anxieties

This is kind of crazy, and yet so funny.  It absolutely speaks of the power and greatness of my GOD, The Great I Am.  Jehovah.  Abba.

I woke up this morning to find that one of my sweet precious “girls” had pooped in the floor, not once but twice(!) last night.  Neither of my dogs have ever done this willingly.  As a matter of fact, the older one, Ella, (my dog), I can count on one hand how many times she’s had an “accident” in the house.  …and she seemed to be telling me it was her’s and she was sorry.  So, that’s how I started my day this morning.  Practicing forgiveness and remembering to pray for peace.  Then, I called my husband, who is out on a job-call very early this morning.  And before I could even complain about the poo, he started telling me about the anxiety he was having over the situation he was about to go in to.  And then we discussed GOD’s peace and His faithfulness.  It was, actually, a very peaceful, if not unsettling start of the day.

Then, good ole’ Charles Stanley somehow comes up with THIS as the daily meditation and Bible reading from the Intouch Magazine that we each get each month.  This just spoke volumes all over me today.

Thank you Jesus.
Thursday, October 3, 2013
 Matthew 11:25-30

Gideon was a man who experienced great anxiety. Convinced God had abandoned the Israelites, He had to thresh grain in a winepress to keep it hidden from his enemies, the Midianites. He believed that his family was one of the weakest and that he himself was one of the least of men.

God then called Gideon—who in no way regarded himself as a man of strong capability—to lead the fight against the Midianites. Imagine his stress! But he obeyed and gathered his men, only to have the Lord send most of them home before the battle. Though this turn of events would give anyone anxiety, Israel was victorious because it was the Lord who won the battle. In the process, Gideon learned just how powerful and personal his God was (Judg. 6-7).

As Gideon discovered, knowing God intimately is one of the keys to dealing with worry. Those who handle anxiety well—inwardly and outwardly—know the Lord in a deeply personal way. They are the ones who calmly proceed while others are drowning in stress. When asked how they do it, they usually will respond, “Read the Word. Pray. Trust God.” These simple statements point to a way of life rather than a method. That way of life is centered on Jesus Christ and is spent learning to know Him in His fullness.

Man’s methods for handling anxiety serve only to distract or numb us from stress. God’s way is to reveal who He is through the Holy Spirit’s teaching and, in the process, replace our fretfulness with His peace.

Catsby 3-hour cowl

I’d like to thank Kathryn Jones for posting this pattern of the Catsby 3-hour cowl on Ravelry and making it a free pattern.  Katheryn, I’m going to use this pattern to make my 10 year old granddaughter an infinity scarf to go with the hat that I have made her.  It doesn’t match the hat pattern perfectly, but it comes pretty close.  Thank you.