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Candace Clemmons Sings

We had a wonderful weekend full of birthday celebrations – Saturday night someone got out a guitar — anyone and everyone that’s ever heard my beautiful daughter sing, wants to hear her again! ..but I’m partial. 🙂


Afghan 2013

My husband’s afghan

This is my latest finished project.  I had made afghans for three of my kids, so it was time to make one for my husband as well.  It’s soft and yummy to lay under.  Glad we get to keep this one.

Handmade Pillowcase Lace

Christmas, 2012.  This is a pattern that I found dating back to circa 1903, or some such; maybe 1918.  Anyway, my brother shares my love of antiques and old linens, so I thought it would make a nice trim for a set of guest pillowcases.  It turned out rather well I think.  


Aran Knit Wrap

Aran Knit Wrap

Okay, I’ve been trying to decide what I was going to make for “me”.  I tend to give everything away that I make, keeping very little for myself.  I’ve got a couple of hats……However, I’ve been wanting to make myself a shrug or shawl or something that I can wear as a light jacket/sweater around work.  This looks to be the one!  It will not only teach me how to do cables, but it’s just a beautiful wrap.  I can see it already!

Cozy Earwarmers

free crochet ear warmer patterns free crochet headband patterns


Things We Have Made

Welcome!  A while back I tried to help my father sell some of his talented woodwork.  I really don’t have an online presence, so it didn’t work very well; but now I have lots of pictures of some of my favorite pieces that Pop made.  We (humbly) think he’s pretty darn good.  I do crochet and knitting.  I picked it up again after years of being away from it, and was naive enough to start out with several big projects, instead of smaller, dishcloth-type projects.   Although I am sad to say that I did have a dishcloth project, but I forgot to take pictures of them.

So, I thought it’d be a good idea to explain why I’m posting these pictures.  Each of my projects have been made with happy thoughts and a loving intent; I want to share that with my grandkids and leave myself the memories in years to come.

…of course, if you see any woodwork that you like, I’m sure Pop would be happy to take orders — and I’ll be happy to ship to you.  He does make some really awesome holiday stuff.

I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I will enjoy creating the posts.