Words to the wise.

I found this snippet today, I think the first quote is either from Jack Graham or Charles Stanley.  Either way, it’s a good one; one that, I believe, most people struggle with.  I really like this though; if we made all the money we wanted, we’d loose our dependency on GOD and that’s bad.  All blessings come through HIM, not our employer, or because of our hard work.  Trying to be self-reliant is being outside of the Will of GOD.   Be careful about that….

No man has the right to make all the money he can.  If he did, he might find himself making money the wrong way – Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven.  You might say, Preacher, I’ve gotta live – No, you gotta die.

 HBO – Hell’s Box Office.

This is another one –  It says so much about today’s life and the way we live.  It starts with the little choices, like choosing not to read your Bible today, then the next, and the next.  Before you know it, you haven’t been in The Word and you stop being in The Word, and then you’re separated from GOD.  I look back on my past life(lives) and realize just how easy and quickly it happens.  Just one beer, then just two.   So many things.  We must be ever diligent, ever watchful, ever faithful.  I don’t want to ever find myself living the life of “that person” again.  Thanks be to GOD that he has redeemed me and set me free from who I used to be.

 Lot moved into Sodom one inch at a time.  First he pitched his tent outside of Sodom, but then later he was dwelling inside of Sodom, then he was at the gates of Sodom – Being “at the gates” means that he’s a city counselor, an Alderman!!


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